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Create your side hustle website in 3 steps

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Are you a doctor looking to start your own side hustle? You are not alone. We are in the side hustle era and doctors are looking at how they can go about starting theirs alongside (or instead of) their clinical working lives.

A side hustle will likely need a website. Through creating Health Tech Map I have successfully navigated the myriad options of how to go about building a website. I spent hours researching, comparing and weighing up the different options for services involved in getting started. In this article I have done all the hard work for you and explain how you can quickly and easily go about building your own website without the need for a web developer. This article will save you many hours trying to navigate this yourself.

As a doctor myself I know how precious time is. I also know how time can be of the essence when you want to get an idea out there. In this easy step by step guide I will outline and explain each step, give my recommendation for each step and other options available. I will also clearly mark the action needed to action each step. Following this step by step guide you can soon be on your way to creating your own side hustle!

Good luck!

Step one – Choose a platform

A platform is the software tool you need to build and create your website. There are many website platforms out there but my recommendation would be WordPress. According to WordPress 43% of the web uses WordPress so it accounts for a large proportion of what the web is built on.

Health Tech Map is built using WordPress. It offers a good combination of an easy to use interface for beginners (without the need for coding) with the option of further control and advanced options if you want it. As it is so widely used there is loads of help online for any help you may need.

There are other options out there including Wix, GoDaddy, Square Space and Webflow.

ACTION: Continue below to make adding WordPress easy or explore the other options above.

Step two – Choose a host

A host is the company who stores the website on their server. Health Tech Map is hosted by SiteGround and I have had no issues with their services. They have great reviews on TrustPilot and having sought their advice I can say their customer service is responsive and thorough. SiteGround would be my recommendation for the host to choose.

SiteGround will automatically install the WordPress software on your website when you start out with them and will clearly guide you through how to proceed with setting things up in their step by step guide.

Other host options are BlueHost, DreamHost and GoDaddy,

ACTION: To action this step follow the links to a host’s website to sign up.

SiteGround Link

In following these two steps (well, in fact, just one step) you will have MASSIVELY cut down on the time it takes to get started on your website and be on your way to showcasing your new side hustle!

Step three – Get GDPR compliant

The next time consuming element of creating your own website is navigating GDPR. Put simply GDPR is essentially the law that all website owners need to abide by to safeguard users’ data. Part of GDPR includes the need for websites to manage users’ consent to cookies as well as have a privacy policy and a cookie policy. Terms and conditions are also a useful tool to have. The service below makes complying with GDPR easy!

While researching this for Health Tech Map I came across services that allow you to create policies both for free or for a fee. However I found that with most of these services you need to have some knowledge of what data you are collecting, how it is going to be used and have knowledge of the website and GDPR terminology in order to tick the correct boxes to include the correct things in the policies. This is knowledge that you may not have at this stage of setting up your website. Get this wrong and it could leave you non compliant with GDPR.

Iubenda make managing users’ consent and creating privacy and cookie policies MUCH easier. This is because:

  1. They scan your website to see what needs including in your privacy and cookie policies meaning you don’t need to guess at what needs including.
  2. You can easily and continually update your policies. From creating Health Tech Map I know that as your website develops you end up adding more services which means the policies need updating accordingly. With Iubenda when you add a new service to your website (such as a social media sharing widget for example) you simply search for the service you wish to add and Iubenda immediately adds this to your policy. This means you can easily remain compliant with GDPR as your website develops. With other policies you may need to create a whole new policy with this information in.
  3. They have a dedicated WordPress plugin. A plugin is a little bit of software which dovetails with WordPress. This makes doing a particular task (such as adding your privacy policy) much easier. Often with privacy and cookie policies you need to manually add them to the website code yourself. But with Iubenda no code editing is needed as the dedicated plugin makes integration so much easier.
  4. Iubenda provide a wealth of information and helpful advice in their free guides.

In summary Iubenda provide you with a complete, updatable, all in one solution for privacy and cookie policies. It is the service I use for Health Tech Map and would be the service I would recommend.

There are other options including CookieBot and GetTerms.

ACTION: To action this step follow the links above to sign up. Sign up via any of the Iubenda links on this page and receive 10% off your first purchase!


that’s it! By following this simple three step guide you will have created your own website that is compliant with GDPR. Clearly there will be other steps to take to design your website. But by following these steps you will have saved yourself SO much time in getting your side hustle website started!

Good luck with your side hustle! If you feel it would be useful to others please share using the sharing buttons!

Dr Mark Law

Creator of Health Tech Map and NHS GP